Monday, April 30, 2012

The View from Here.....

A Photo a Day:  Week 17 (aka "the makings of our home")

a sculpture belonging to my late-grandma resting on a bookshelf;
our back door painted Benjamin Moore's "Fairytale Blue"; a color selected by my then 4 year old;
Marlowe's carefully curated collection of rocks;
well worn aprons; both adult and kid sized; awaiting the next batch of cookies; 
a jar full of seashells and happy memories collected during our annual beach vacation;
six peony bushes (my favorite) planted as a Mother's Day gift in 2006; providing beauty each Spring since;
tiny hands learning new skills;
 a favorite pair of red shoes that always remind me "there's no place like home";
and always someone cuddled up with a good book.

I hope your Monday's a great one!  


  1. Oh, those precious rock collections. We still have one, it even includes playground sand! Makes me smile. :)

  2. these posts always a little happy for my Monday mornings

  3. When Lila was 2 she had a pair of red church shoes and they were darling. She might need to get another pair, I miss those shoes.

  4. Great random photos :) Love the fairytale blue door and of course those red shoes!

    Enjoy the start to your week!


  5. Look at those little red mary janes...kills me everytime!

  6. Exactly what I need to see this Monday! Loving the turquoise color on that door!


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