Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Resolved: A Picture a Day

...... so while many people are likely resolving to take a multi-vitamin a day in the New Year; I'm resolving to take a photo each day.

..... and why? you ask add something like that to an already crammed "to do" list?  Well, a couple of reasons:  1) I'm horrible at keeping a journal of any kind and this will be a more creative and fun diary of sorts; and 2) (this one's deep) :) To help me achieve a much loftier and worthwhile goal.....  being more present in my own life.  I've noticed thru writing blog posts over the last several months actually, that when I have a camera in hand or I am consciously looking to be inspired; that I am more alert and engaged in the moment and in my day-to-day surroundings.....I'm on the look-out for pretty things; listening more intently; my mind is quieter; and most importantly, I'm happier......

..... which is as beneficial as a Centrum any day. :)

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  1. I love this resolution...such a great idea. I've been perusing your blog this morning and love your photography!! Thrilled to follow along ~


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