Friday, March 30, 2012

The View from Here.......

A Photo a Day:  Week 12 (aka Voila!)

Problem #1 with moving to Geneva...... the 3 C's....... chocolate, croissants and cappucinos;
speaking of........... yes, you read that right..... a chocolate FESTIVAL!; 
Paris in Springtime...... the perfect distraction from everyday concerns;
I could get used to this view...... inspiration for the color palette for our Swiss home? ;
the quintessential shot of Geneva's Lake Leman;
my husband laughed when I gasped upon seeing these while walking down the street in Paris....... the Goyard shop;
outside the plane window.......a majestic "bonjour!" from the Swiss alps

Wow!  Seems like I've been gone a long time..... thanks so much for all of your kind words of encouragement.  Our trip was exhausting but it went well.  Geneva is every bit as beautiful as I had imagined.  So much to share but I can barely string a sentence together I'm so jet lagged and we are off to Spring Break (U.S. style). 

Have a great weekend and don't be fooled! :)  


  1. Thanks for a great week of finding a school and a home! Looking forward to the journey.

  2. MK HenniganApril 01, 2012

    So glad you all had a good trip. Steve and I are headed to Paris in a week, any great finds you can share?


Thanks for sharing!