Monday, April 02, 2012

The View from Here.......

A Photo a Day:  Week 13 (aka Voila! continued)

The perfect Italian dinner (The table linens were as equally as impressive as the food!)..... Il Mirtillo Geneve;
A hotel room with a view at the Westin Paris;
Yes, I did eat that and it was delicious!..... a footlong hotdog in a french baguette;
The perfect combination..... found in Geneva.....Cartier and Starbucks;
amazing architecture at the Charles de Gaulle airport;
 vibrantly colored storefronts..... quintessentially Paris;
one of the many hidden treasures found behind doors on the streets of Paris;
my favorite Paris past-time..... walking along the Siene checking out all the local artists.

  Last Monday Paris, France...... this Monday Prattville, Alabama..... love the charms of each.


  1. Great photos - and I'd be eating that too! Looks delicious! I can't wait to go Paris (in June!). Enjoy your day!

  2. What a wonderful adventure, Crissy! So nice that you still appreciate the charms of home! :)

  3. Cant wait to hear more about your big move! What beautiful pictures!

  4. So divine...oh hello, Cartier :) Cannot WAIT to hear much more about your trip!

  5. Waiting to hear more about your move. Think we may be leading down the same path.


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