Monday, June 10, 2013

15 minutes.....

... of fame; they say we all get ours and, apparently, I had mine this past Tuesday...... ironically enough... in a garden.... in France.  Some of you may remember me gushing about this garden back in the Fall and I made my way back there this week to share this beautiful village with my mother-in-law.

After meandering around a bit and enjoying a leisurely lunch of the local favorite, filet de perche and pomme frites, we strolled to the Jardin; whereupon I went to pay for our admission and was heartily greeted by a handful of French folks smiling broadly with a big TV camera!  Apparently, they had been anxiously anticipating the next guest who would be the millionth visitor to the Jardin in 25 years... and that was, well,.... moi!  (My guess is they weren't planning on an American who only speaks 'une petit peu francaise!'.... quite funny).....

Nevertheless, much to my delight; we were given a private tour by the jardin manager;  treated to champagne and macarons, presented with a 100 euro gift certificate to the jardin gift shop and 2 year long passes to the jardin, interviewed for French televison  (hysterical).... and (cue squeal).... got to meet the oh so gracious and welcoming Baron et Baronne d'Yvoire.... the namesake of the village and founders of the Jardin itself!  (I had just been going on at lunch about how intrigued I was that the castle was still privately owned and lived in....).   It was all quite a treat and I enjoyed every minute of my short-lived fame...

.... and then I rushed home to meet the school bus. :)

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Oh wow1 What a happy surprise! So fitting and perfect!

  2. AnonymousJune 10, 2013

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  3. what?!!!! That is a have some good karma...and it came back to you all at once. One in a million!

  4. Oh my goodness, that is such fun! I'm sure after meeting you they were delighted you were the millionth guest! :) I bet your girls were over the moon, too!

  5. whhhhhaaaaaattt?? How exciting. Crissy, you are doing the coolest things! What opportunities about and I love reading about your adventures. Congrats and what lovely gifts!
    xo Nancy


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