Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Entertaining: Dog Gone It!

One of the things I forgot to add to this list was a good 'ol American hot dog.  They have hot dogs here in Switzerland but they are much more like sausages and aren't nearly as tasty in my opinion (must be the lack of nitrates) :)   I'd love to make it to the ballpark to enjoy my favorite stadium dog; but if not it would be fun to host a little gathering like this one....

.... add a kraft paper tablecloth and some smelly markers to the kids table and you have instant entertainment.... add a bucket of ice cold beer and some roasted peanuts and the adults are happy too! 

invitation, hot dog basket & liner, kraft paper, Mr. Sketch markers, Claudia Pearson dog plate, drink bucket, striped straws

oh, and note to self.... don't forget lots of paper napkins....
my last gathering involving mustard paired with these cute seersucker napkins..... not so good. :)


  1. love the placecards and the balloon dogs.....so cute. I admit it...sometimes I just need a foot long from Sonic

  2. Too fun and so easy ~ who wouldn't love to be invited to this gathering! :)


Thanks for sharing!