Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Postcards from...

A few hundred kilometers north of Heidelberg; we got acquainted with the largest city in the Netherlands... Amsterdam; home to wooden shoes, windmills, leaning buildings; and, yes, thousands of bicycles.  We spent a couple of days exploring the canals and shops; and visiting the sobering and very moving Anne Frank house.... a definite "must-do" if you ever have the occasion to visit.   My recommendation..... buy tickets ahead of time.... can you tell it was a tad bit cold waiting in line? :)

I thought the most intriguing architectural feature of Amsterdam was actually the hoisting beam present at the top of every home.... an ultra strong beam housing a pulley type mechanism to allow furniture to be lifted in thru the windows.... sadly, I didn't get to see one in action.


  1. another beautiful adventure....cold but cute

  2. Love the flower market pic🌹

  3. We've been to several cities in Europe, but never Amsterdam, your postcards inspire me to add it to our list! :)


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