Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Postcards from...

Whew!.... happy Tuesday everyone!  My girls and I are back from Spring Break following a whirlwind road trip to meet up with my husband's Aunt & Uncle visiting from the States.  [Fair warning.... you might want to skip this week's posts if you don't want to be photo-blitzed with vacation photos featuring us still sporting Winter coats throughout Europe].

Our first stop took us to Heidelberg Germany where I had my first taste of speed-limit freedom on the German autobahn..... and, I must say, I quite liked it (even in an SUV with a luggage rack on top). :)
Our hosts took us to two spectacular historic Schlosses (Castles)..... the Schwetzingen and the Heidelberg Castle where I was enamored once again with what I like to call "precision pruning"; beautiful architecture..... and sheer ingenuity...... like that of a dance floor built atop that "ginormous" wine barrel...... seems like a crazy dangerous good idea, no?

Next stop.... Amsterdam.


  1. Very cool! This has been a long, harsh winter all over Europe. I think things are warming up this week and next. We are headed to Amsterdam too, the last week of April, to hopefully see Tulips. Winter. Blah.

  2. Forgot to mention - making a heart holding hands with daughters in the archway, so very sweet. =)

  3. You are really taking advantage of all the sights and I am so thrilled for the memories you are making for your family. Beautiful postcards, and beautiful family!
    xo Nancy

  4. love the photo in the archway...your girls are people of the world now, what a great education.

  5. The photos are darling, even with, and especially with, your winter coats!

  6. Love them in the walkway if garden!!


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