Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Art & Inspiration: Jumpology

I'm incredibly charmed by the decades old work of LIFE magazine photographer Philippe Halsman.... wherein he asked many of the world's most notable personalities at the time "May I take a picture of you jumping?"  In his theory of 'jumpology'; he believed that you could tell more about a person 'mid-air' than when their 'face-mask' was on during a typical photo.

Philippe Halsman

... I'd certainly agree although I have to say I think it's because jumping is just plain 'ol child-like fun.
.... and who doesn't need a little more of that?

I feel a another little photo project brewing....


  1. I was just looking at some of the Jumpology pictures the other day after coming across this project here: http://www.gabrielegalimberti.com/projects/jump/

    Both them make me feel like jumping around. =)

  2. Sounds Iike a project we'll need to see! I just did a little jump when Darin found a sweet Easter treat in our door this morning. You are too kind. We thank you very much!

  3. Love this! We should all start jumping!

  4. This is a fun happy post! ( all of yours are, btw) and I remember those Life magazines, and how gorgeous and big the photos were. I need some more fun, never thought about jumping :)
    xo Nancy

  5. Love it! Going to try some jumping pics soon! P.S. I love how you put your pics in a collage all the time-not sure if that's what they are called but I love the look!

  6. Wonderful! Makes me smile just thinking about it :)


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