Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Garden...

I love how Europeans here in Switzerland refer to their backyard as "the garden".  It could, ofcourse, be a big swath of grass filled with wildflowers or a tiny terrace like ours.... but it makes no difference.... just the word "garden" itself speaks of possibility and stirs the imagination to wonder what lies behind the nearest hedge....


I've never really been inspired to garden but I feel it creeping up on me like ivy on a brick wall.... starting off as a single shoot.... destined to take over without notice...  
Good thing I love a good ivy. :)

Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. Makes me happy when my Claudia asks "let's go play in the garden!" Couldn't agree more; makes me want to make something pretty grow.

  2. Those manicured boxwoods leave me weak in the knees!

  3. Oh we call my grandparents yard the garden. Those gardens are amazing and I love the quote. My first trip to Europe was spent touring gardens with my grandmother (at the age of 15) and I actually really enjoyed it and still do!


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