Monday, March 18, 2013

French Dressing....

... as in fashion... not salad (although I love them both) 
Thought I would reloop and share what stood out to me the most in Paris street fashion during my weekend there a couple of weeks ago....


.... yes, the black ankle boot worn with either black opaque tights or skinny black pants..... working its ever-slimming magic and creating women with legs that seemed to go on for days....looking chic paired with all black or a burst of color on top (although I didn't see much).  I appreciate this look because it plays well with any style and at any age... The wedge heel seemed to be all the rage.... but these are a little more my style....

 Ballet flats.... be very afraid. :)


  1. Those would be perfect for you! I love this look too.

  2. I really like the boots you picked out, truth be told I am not a big fan of black, I guess it's too many years in the California sunshine :) I wish I was more chic, but alas, it's just not me.

  3. Love this look! We can wear boots through the springtime here in Seattle because of all the rain and cold/grey days. The bootie is a transition piece for me. I wear mine with cashmere or opaque tights, or a skinny chin. The boots you are showing are great! I do not own a wedge-bootie .. mine has a chunky heel.

  4. So chic - just love the ankle boot with an all black outfit!!

  5. I could sit at a cafe and watch those women in their fashionable outfits all day!


Thanks for sharing!