Friday, October 19, 2012

Ikea Lately: Holiday Decor

I know some folks find it slightly bothersome to see Christmas decorations out in October but I can't help but feel anything other than joyful anticipation the first time I spy them each year.  I was especially delighted yesterday when I laid eyes on Ikea's offerings this season....... oh my goodness..... stripes, polka dots and gingham... throw in some twine,  kraft paper and amaryllis bulbs....... can you say "Hallelujah Chorus"? :)    

The website really does not do justice to what's available in store (at least here in Switzerland).  If you'd like to get in the spirit, I'd suggest you check it out ...... my guess is everything is going to be sold out in no time!

Bon weekend everyone!


  1. you have Ikea radar...always find the coolest stuff

  2. Ha! I was there yesterday and took pics of my favorites to include in a post ~ only three of the same! :)

  3. I cant believe Christmas is all ready here... IKEA has some great things!


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