Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dream Designer: Ashley Whittaker

.... a little interior design inspiration today via Ashley Whittaker Design.

In my opinion, Ashley is a master at creating.....

creating visual flow by optimizing "sight lines";

creating comfort with welcoming furniture pieces and fabrics and a good dose of symmetry;

 creating "freshness" by sticking with one color mixed with white;

 creating a sense of cleanliness and luxury with white bathrooms and bedding;

and creating warmth by combining the old with the new in furniture and artwork;

..... it's got me thinking about what feeling my rooms are creating.....
and yours?


  1. Love that last photo, gorgeous eclectic room ~ what a talented designer!

  2. LOOOOOOOVE the mix of old with new. I'm even carrying it into the boys' rooms. I was in PBK just this past weekend and was telling the associate how much I love that it's all throughout their room designs now...old suitcases, old tennis rackets, old metal toolboxes used for toy storage. I LOVE it, and I have had the best time shopping in antique stores here lately for unique pieces you won't find anywhere else.

  3. Such gorgeous designs - I love the patterns!


Thanks for sharing!