Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Nuts for Nutella #2

Well..... "life" (aka the school schedule) has gotten in the way and Ashtyn and I haven't been able to whip up our various Nutella recipes as hoped.  We've been eating plenty of it, mind you, bananas and Nutella have become a favorite snack..... and I did manage to bake these Nutella cookies in all of three minutes last week......

You simply mix one cup of Nutella with one egg and one cup of flour and bake at 350 for 6-8 minutes.
Sounds fishy, right?  I thought so too but they were actually really good.  My family gobbled them up in less than 48 hours!  I think these will become a road trip staple!

Eating here in Switzerland is quite an adventure and aside from the French language has been the biggest culture shock.  Just for kicks, I thought I'd share with you how a typical grocery shopping trip goes....

Make sure grocery is open.  They close at 7 pm and are closed on Sundays.
Drive to grocery and get parking ticket
Make sure you have your grocery bags and parking ticket with you
Don't forget your child. :)
Find a cart in the garage or outside (not available in the store) and insert 2 franc to get it unlocked
Start shopping
Make sure to weigh and sticker all produce
Try to decipher French labels and directions on packaging
Linger in the entire aisle dedicated to chocolate and observe with amazement all of the folks buying it like it were a liter of milk
Stand in line to pay..... prepping your bags and money to ensure maximum efficiency
Greet the clerk with "Bonjour!" and get to bagging
If you aren't quick or you have too much stuff you will back up the entire line
Pray your child is not acting up during all of this
Pay and head to the parking payment machine
Try to remember where you put the ticket and ensure you have coins for payment
Take ticket back and put it in a safe place
Unload your cart into your car
Take your cart back to a designated area to retrieve your 2 franc
Dig out your parking ticket to insert into the machine so that you can exit the garage
Breathe a sigh of relief and pray you didn't forget anything
Repeat the following day

....... these things make me laugh just typing them..... but this is my new reality :) 

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Wow, what an adventure. I remember Suzy telling me stories like that. The things we take for granted. Glad you have got it down to a science. I'll have to try the recipe.

  2. And to think that Jim huffs and puffs when Wal-mart is extra busy. I'll have to share this with him. I think he'll appreciate it...even if it looks like it does the day after Thanksgiving. :)

  3. Oh my gosh, I will not take my next shopping trip for granted! I do bring my own bags though, I think they're trying to implement a law soon here in the states and I think it's fantastic (that you have to have your own shopping bags).

    Great to know that the Swiss appreciate good chocolate! (but of course they do)

  4. Ha! You captured my exact check list for grocery shopping in Budapest (minus the good chocolate). I've shed many a tear over lost parking tickets or not having the right coin for the shopping cart. You will never take free parking/carts/bags/baggers for granted again, right?!

  5. more proof we are living parallel lives....after quitting Nutella cold turkey a year ago, I threw some in the cart at the store last night. I just had to have it!

    Our 24 hour super Wal-mart not sounding too bad after reading your post haaaa

  6. My kids will eat anything if I put Nutella on it.

  7. wow, this gives me a new perspective on shopping in the US! I will keep this in mind when I'm dreading heading out to the supermarket.

  8. my goodness, I can't imagine adding all of that to my grocery shopping!


Thanks for sharing!