Monday, August 20, 2012

The View from Here......

A Photo a Day:  Week 33 

It's a fairy.... it's a princess..... it's Bette Midler......nope, it's just Marlowe ;
glamming it up in front of the sign to their new school;
precious cargo;
homemade pizza dinner compliments of Ashtyn and a French cooking workshop;
I die for Dior;
an after dinner stroll thru the woods;
dining al fresco with new friends;
a highlight of my week.... my first fountain drink (and ice) in 3+ weeks.... found in France.... we feared we were seeing a mirage when we spotted the sign but alas we were granted Subway happiness ;
boxwood bliss..... the kumquat tree now has some company as two of these perfectly shaped beauties came home with me.

Hope everyone had a great weekend..... here's offering you a smile this Monday morning.....


  1. Love your images. Did a boxwood post last week and your picture is wonderful!!

  2. Ha! I remember my friend having withdrawals because of no ice, glad you found some! The simple things we take for granted!

  3. Crissy,I love seeing all of your pictures on this blog. It looks like you all are doing GREAT! Love that we can keep in touch and see some of the beautiful sights that you are enjoying.


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