Friday, August 17, 2012

Fall Must Have..... A coat of many colors

....... okay, so it's a tad bit pre-mature given the 90+ temps (even predicted here in Switzerland this weekend).... but ever since I saw this photo of perennially flawless Olivia Palermo on one of my favorite reads La Dolce Vita, I've officially started my Fall Wish List.

First up..... a brightly colored coat....


..... or two..... for it wouldn't really matter what was underneath, right?.... these coats would certainly add a splash of sunshine to my otherwise subdued winter uniform of thin sweaters and black cigarette pants.  My eyes are peeled.......

Here's wishing you a "cool" weekend!


  1. What a beautiful coat.,,

  2. ah, I want them all....gorgeous selection

  3. Wonderful selection.. and getting me thinking it's time to take inventory of my existing wardrobe!

  4. Crissy, I am with you! It's super hot here in the NW of the US, but I am already choosing new black riding boots. Love the yellow!

    xoxo, Tanya

  5. Love the bright colors. I very rarely have to wear a coat in So.Calif. I haven't bought one in years. Most the time on a chilly day a warm sweater is all I need.

  6. Oh, you're a dangerous friend, those are fabulous and the punch of color is perfect for CO winters!

  7. Oh my gosh -- I love number one! So gorgeous. *Sigh*


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