Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Exteriors: Gravel Driveways and Patios.....

......... being the mother of a rock-loving 2 year old, it hasn't taken me long to notice the common use of gravel in driveways and patios here in Switzerland.  And, I must say, that I seem to have fallen for their charms as well..... the soft crunching underfoot and the variations in size and color create just the type of laid-back yet sophisticated style that I love...... In fact, I'm already dreaming of how to incorporate it into my home when we return to the States.  Here are some lovely inspirations to get me started.....



  1. love gravel...wish our driveway was level so we could do the same

  2. I love gravel in a garden walk way. Great examples!

  3. I like gravel.... when it is paved over. I like things easy, what can I say?

    1. Ha! So true..... why can't I be more like you! :)


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