Friday, August 24, 2012

Must See: Simon Birch

.......since moving to Switzerland, we've been watching a lot of Apple TV (which I highly recommend by the way)...... downloading podcasts of the "Nightly News", "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse", "The Bachelor Pad"  (embarrassing.....but in an effort to keep it real) :) and  revisiting old movies like this one......

Our family has a "family movie night" tradition on Friday evenings where we all cuddle up, eat Snocaps and Mike & Ike candy (thank you sister-in-law Christine for the care package!) and watch family friendly flicks.  This is our family's favorite..... a wonderful story of friendship that is always heartwarming (warning.... there is some language, however).  

Do you have a Friday night tradition?

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Our Friday night tradition is dinner out, we love trying new restaurants! I remember sending care packages to my friend in AU, I specifically remember her requesting Bounce and canned pumpkin at Thanksgiving. :)

    1. You are a good friend.... makes me think I need canned pumpkin too! We've been blessed to receive many yummy treats in the mail thus far. Something so comforting about receiving familiar foods and notes for those we miss. Have a great weekend!

  2. love that movie. A reminder that we need to relax more as a family....with candy

  3. I haven't seen this movie...Just told my hubby were are going to have to watch it.

  4. yay!! i am always looking for good movies! we also do "family movie night" on fridays and am getting kinda tired of watching "man vs wild" on wii netflix (although it's not a movie!) glad i'm not the only one watching bachelor pad (great guilty pleasure!)


Thanks for sharing!