Monday, August 27, 2012

The view from here....

A Photo a Day:  Week 34 

Welcome to our backyard art gallery;
Watching and waiting for daddy to come home;
There's no other..... like this peach butter;
Sisterly snuggles;
times 2;
the true sign of summer fun;

Happy Monday everyone! 
I can't believe I just typed week 34 into this post.  Where are the weeks going?  
This is a big one for us.  Marlowe will start pre-school on Tuesday (completely French speaking)
..... did I mention we don't speak French?
  And, the older girls will begin classes at their new International School.

Here is my theme for the week....

Here's trusting what's waiting is wonderful!


  1. good luck to all of the girls this week, very exciting! The most helpful phase I remember from French usual response to my teacher "Je ne sais pas"

  2. I love that quote, you definitely need to alter your course many times in life, it just happens and you have to go with it. Good luck to your little girl, the younger you immerse them the better, I know she'll do great.

  3. Perfect quote, Crissy! I'm inspired by your adventurous spirit, what a wonderful gift for your girls. Wishing you all an exciting year at their new schools!

  4. Love that picture of her waiting for Daddy to come home. Such a great quote! Have a good day!


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