Wednesday, August 01, 2012

French Impressionist

It's only been a week and already my two oldest girls seemed to have noticed and adopted some of the French fashion here in Geneva (note Holden's one "must-have" while shopping on Saturday and Ashtyn's topknot for dinner one evening).  I must say, I've noticed too.  A majority of the women are fierce (sorry, it's the most appropriate word I could come up with) dressers and it's nearly impossible NOT to take note.  I'm hopeful that maybe even I will learn a lesson or two.........

Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. Adorable little fashionistas! How I'd love to be sitting at cafe taking in the fierce fashions. Their style is unmatched, hope you share all you learn!

  2. They are so, so precious - you must be having the most amazing experience and wonderful for your girls!!

  3. hope you'll share some swiss fashion...loving that top knot with bow

  4. Too cute. What an amazing adventure! I'd never have the guts to move abroad as much as I say I would love to!


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