Thursday, August 02, 2012

Change of Address......

We received some wonderful going away gifts from friends before our journey..... a guest book for visitors, a framed vintage map of Switzerland, a sheet of monogrammed decals to use in our new home, a jar of seashells from the States, wine tags featuring local landmarks from our hometown, a travel journal, books..... I was amazed at the creativity and thoughtfulness of each one.

One of my favorite housewarming gifts to give is a self-inking home address stamp.  I love the personalization it affords and its immediate usefulness.  Above are a few of my recent favorites available on Etsy....... would make a charming wedding shower gift too!



  1. I agree, what thoughtful gifts, I love those monogrammed stamps. I always order fancy address stickers for my Christmas cards but this would be even better.

  2. Wow such great gifts you got! That is a good gift idea! I cant believe some of the ones above are stamped!

  3. ha, a friend and I just discussing these...and where to find them. Well, now we know....thank you for the great sources! Looking forward to next week's view from here

  4. Nice finds. I love writing (and getting) old-fashioned thank you notes.

  5. How sweet of your friends. Love these cards.Good luck with the new home.


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