Monday, June 04, 2012

The View from Here.....

A Photo a Day:  Week 22 (aka "Tidbits")

You'll know where to find me..... at the baby pool;
We h(art) sidewalk chalk;
One of life's simple pleasures.... giving birthday gifts;
"Where My Wild Things Are";
Yes, call me what you may.... the porch chairs have moved indoors and the empty rooms have become dance floors;
Stealing kisses;
Mini look-a-likes;
One of my favorite color combinations.... turquoise and green;
Stuff..... packed up and moving on to the next adventure.

Happy Monday everyone!  


  1. Wow....those boxes make me woozy. My moving survey is today.

  2. Happy MONDAY!!!!! I adore your pictures!
    turqouise and green = perfection!!!!!
    lots of love,

  3. Such great pictures and what a story they tell...the boxes make me tired thinking about what you are doing right now!!

  4. love it! If we lived close to each other...I would join you at the baby pool :)

    p.s. where is your follow button? am I missing it? I follow you via bloglovin...but I dont always check that .

  5. Love your photos, Crissy.Wishing you all the best with the move! xx

  6. A dose of reality seeing all those boxes packed up, Crissy. Looks like you're still enjoying life as usual despite the inconvenience! :)

  7. Lots of love going on - love the kisses and those glasses are adorable. All those boxes... The last time we moved, I turned to the movers and said > stop bringing me all these boxes!! (they rolled their eyes :)


  8. Oh wow love all of these so cute!

  9. you know these posts are my favorite! Love all those necklaces and cant believe that you are all packed!

  10. moving is so hard-but new spaces can be so fun-enjoy!!


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