Tuesday, June 05, 2012

I'm a sucker.....

..... for seersucker.  No other fabric says summer to me quite like it.  A perennial favorite among many a Southern gentleman, politician or young prepster; I was surprised to discover it originated in India and was actually made popular in the U.S. by the working class due to its inexpensive and easy care qualities.  The word itself comes from the Persian words meaning "milk and sugar".....

well, pour some sugar on me........


Is the Def Leppard song playing in your head?  Sorry!.... a little punchy today :)

You can find U.S. Senators donning seersucker  on Thursdays in the summer in an annual tradition begun by the Southern Senator Trent Lott from Mississippi back in 1996.

Have a great day everyone!


  1. my Father wants to be buried in his seersucker suit....which horrifies my Mother at the thought of him passing during the winter. She tells him..."well, we'll just have to have a closed casket." Crazy

    I hope he doesn't pass away anytime soon....but when he does, I hope it's warm outside

  2. I wore a Jcrew mint green seersucker dress for my college graduation many years ago!!!!! My stepdad took me shopping in Chicago to pick it out! :) I still wear it and LOVE IT!!! POUR SOME SUGAR ON MEEEE!!!! :)
    Hope you are well friend!
    when is the big move?

  3. I like it to. Those shoes are adorable and I love that little foot stool.

  4. Like it! Pour some on me too - love the blue and white!

  5. I want to dine at that table. I love tablecloths in cool vintage-y prints.

  6. love this!!! great picks!

  7. seersucker is just so timeless! I was just browsing at J. Crew's seesucker bikinis...so sweet & classic!


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