Monday, May 21, 2012

The View from Here.......

A Photo a Day (or 2 or 10):  Week 20  

Darling little ballerinas in waiting;
backstage banter;
I guess it's official....our return address stamp has arrived (from here);
cleaning one's closet can be both therapeutic and troubling..... scarf anyone?;
I'm gonna miss.......the angel Gabriel outside Holden's bedroom window;
watch out chicks...... there's flowers in town;
pre-recital prep..... Holden's first foray into hot rollers;
time for tunics;
the diaper bag is officially retiring..... bittersweet.

I'm back on caffeine..... hallelujah! 
 Happy Monday everyone!


  1. The little ballerinas.. love!

  2. again, parallel lives...we had our dance recital (our first) this weekend as well. Love a girl in some hot rollers

  3. i can see why your back on caffeine. You are a busy girl!

  4. Aww, is there anything sweeter than little ballerinas? Have a great week!

  5. oh yes to caffeine!! I did with out it during pregnancy and now I am a full on junkie again :)

    love dance cute is you little one with her hair all pinned up ?

  6. Crissy,

    I totally agree about the closet-cleaning comment.. you never know what you might find :)

    Those little ballerinas are so adorable!


  7. Lovely pics! For me this would read, but first...TEA! X


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