Monday, May 07, 2012

The View from Here......

A Photo a Day:  Week 18 (aka Milestones and Miscellany)

"Gilty Pleasure" by Sally Hansen..... the best applicator for an at home manicure!;
our picnics move outdoors;
Marlowe pretending to go to preschool with a backpack full of toys;
a girl's trip visit to the Baker Bird Winery in Augusta, Kentucky.... the old wine cellar;
Ashtyn performs "Lean on Me" at her piano proud;
my favorite way to wear a scarf in the Spring;
Marlowe gets a pedicure compliments of big sis;
Chocolate chip pancakes for dinner.... a tradition when daddy's out of town;
Ashtyn gets her first pair of shoes in the ladies department (sigh)... so happy I still have those little feet around! 

Happy Monday everyone! I hope your weekend was great!...... ours was busily filled with Flying Pig marathon activities and fun with friends..... I did manage to squeeze in a mint julep but sadly no Mexican.... how about you?


  1. Looks like your crew was happy picnicing on the patio! Love your stripes and scarf and could you have more perfect lips? Have a wonderful week!

  2. where did you find that scarf....would you share that lipstick color, love it? Looks like an idyllic Mommy and Me weekend

    1. Hey! The scarf is from J.Crew last year but I'm sure they have one this year too.... The lipstick is Lancome color Champagne..... My mom and I have been wearing this color for literally 20 years!..... heaven forbid they ever discontinue it! :)

    2. going to hunt down that lipstick...fingers crossed for y'all that it's never discontinued. Thank you for sharing

  3. Great picnic happening on the porch, love that lipstick, and how fun was the girls trip to the winery?! Great photograph of the cellar.


  4. I love the nail polish-must go get that. I think I will have a nervous breakdown when my daughter starts buying shoes in the big girls department...

    1. Yes, it was very exciting for her but secretly I wanted to burst into tears!

  5. Love the chocolate pancakes- we have breakfast for dinner when hubby is out of town too! The quote is fantastic!!! I need to put it somewhere in my house!!!!

  6. Crissy - you are NEVER too old to wear a braid!!!! So glad you came across my blog! :)
    I love your pictures!
    We have been having many lunch picnics outside the past week :) Easy clean-up!
    Your blog is AWESOME!!!
    Can't wait to follow along - love your scarf, by the way! :)

  7. oh my! your daughters are adorable!!! truly beautiful! look at those little eyes of Marlowe! have a wonderful weekend!


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