Friday, March 09, 2012

Fashion on Friday: Clutches


Although chic year around, there is just something about a clutch for spring/summer that especially feels right..... seems to fit quite nicely with the warm weather mentality of traveling lighter..... in clothing and attitude...... and I guess it's pretty obvious that I have a preference for that yummy camel color or a good navy.... classics that go with everything and will carry from year to year.

I hope everyone has had a good week.  We've been super busy with kid commitments and Chris' work stuff so we've been like ships passing in the night (cue the Barry Manilow song).  Looking forward to a date with my guy tonight and some downtime with the kids this weekend.  Memaw (my mom) is coming on Sunday!

Hope you have a good one.
See you Monday!  


  1. I love the blue striped clutch and the pink stripe. Have a good weekend.

  2. Have fun on your date night! I would actually never use a clutch because without the strap I'd be afraid I'd forget it somewhere, so typical of me.

  3. Great choices, Crissy. Hope your wknd is wonderful! xo

  4. Love the navy C.V. clutch. Most of my bags have a strap however there are times when you just want something small - great ideas!

  5. I LOVE number 7, I've seen it around and have been eyeing it. But, number 5 is so adorable too. I think you're right, there is something about spring/summer that requires a clutch.

    Have a great weekend! :)

  6. Love that first one. Have fun with your mom in town! Mine just left on Wednesday and I was so bummed!

  7. I love clutches! My favorite is the pink striped one :)

  8. I personally like number 6. I think all of the clutches would look awesome with you. You have a great sense of taste!I love you, you are the best ever!

    1. You always make your mamma feel so good. I love you!!!

  9. I love these small cluthes. I am so glad there making a come back.


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