Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Memoirs: A Charmed Life

I have a thing for charm bracelets......... not the pre-made variety; but the real deal.  You know the ones:   loaded down with charms; collected over the years; received as a gift for a special occasion or purchased as a momento during a, silver, emblazoned with color, engraved.... in the shape of states, the Eiffel Tower, baby carriages, ballerina slippers, sorority symbols..... they are stylish, chic, timeless, intriguing and incredibly personal all at once.  I love the happy jingle the charms create when they brush against one another on my wrist.  And, it seems I can't resist admiring and often kindly asking to be told "the story" if I hear or spot one on the wrist of another.......

My husband bought me my first charm bracelet 6 years ago on Mother's Day after I became smitten with the Kate Spade ad above.  I was pregnant with our second daughter and I fell in love with the idea of creating an heirloom for her that could be passed down for hopefully generations to come; telling my story first and then hers and so on.... He gave me the bracelet with the first charm attached... a tiny pair of baby booties.  Over the years, I've added many other sentimental pieces that were hanging listlessly on old chains and/or were passed down to me..... a gold cross Chris gave me when we were dating; a gold coin belonging to my great, great aunt; my dad's baby rings; the heart locket that I wore as a baby.  It also holds gold medallions engraved with my girl's names and birth dates and special trinkets I've picked up on trips.

I keep a record on my computer detailing the dates and circumstances of each charm as I add them; and I secretly dream of a day when the list serves as a virtual diary of our family history; the bracelet a tale waiting to be told.

Since then, I've started charm bracelets for my other two girls as well.

My mother and I started buying Ashtyn (my oldest) a charm each year on her birthday; signifying something special about her year..... a Bible with her baptism date engraved on the back; Big Ben for her first trip to Europe.... Again, I keep a record of each one and plan to have them added to a bracelet and given to her for her high school graduation..... a meager attempt to capture the precious memories that are mine before she heads out into the world.

And finally, Marlowe.  When Marlowe was born, it perfectly coincided with me hearing about and wanting to embrace this tradition; choosing a Word for the Year..... one word to aspire to; inspire; provide focus...... and I wanted a way to remember mine.... building on one another from year to year.  So Marlowe's bracelet will be my story told in words engraved on silver disks; one purchased each year with my word on one side and the year on the other..... (this computer record a tad bit more complicated; yet a tad bit more insightful too).  This is the bracelet I wear each day; a wonderful reminder to reflect and always strive to grow.....

a sentiment that I think is definitely worth passing on...... in a "charming" way! :)

Have a great day!


  1. As a child I remember hearing my mother's charm bracelet and knowing it was going to be a special day.

  2. I love this idea. Your girls are so lucky to have a mother like you!

  3. My parent started my gold charm bracelet when I was 12 and I got the last one that would fit on it for my 10th wedding anniversary...lots of memories. We started our daughter one at twelve and she is still adding ones to hers at's fabulous!!

  4. I just found your blog this morning & love it! This is such a great post! I am obsessed with my charm bracelet started by my gma when I was little (it includes charms from her bracelet too). It has big ben, gondola, cable cars,etc and my 3 year old is always asking where they came from. I can't wait to pass it down to her. Thanks for sharing your bracelets!


Thanks for sharing!