Tuesday, January 17, 2012


........yesterday was one of those days.  It started off great..... Chris was off work; the girls slept late; I went and got doughnuts to surprise the girls for breakfast; made it to an early morning workout...... and then, while reading books with her sisters on our bed; Marlowe fell off and caught her lip on the corner of our bedside table on the way down.  One hospital, four hours, three doctors, one surgery, hundreds of tears, 6 stitches, the possibility of scarring, two distraught sisters and two exhausted parents later...... all I wanted to do was crawl back in bed.

But, here's the thing.  Once I finally got my nerves in check all I really felt was grateful.....

...... grateful that Chris decided not to go to exercise class while leaving our oldest to babysit;
...... grateful that Marlowe hit her lip instead of her eye;
...... grateful that we have a Children's Hospital close to our home;
.......grateful to hear Marlowe singing in the backseat despite the fact that her lip was split completely open;
.......grateful for the opportunity to rock my baby and sing her her favorite songs to soothe her;
.......grateful for friends to call and check on our girls and provide support and even dinner;
.......grateful for friendly hospital nurses and doctors;
.......grateful to return home with my baby patched up and swollen but smiling;
.......grateful to tuck all my girls safely in their bed;
.......grateful for the gift of another day with my family regardless of the circumstances.



  1. Yep, the stuff that really matters. Puts it all in perspective! So thankful our baby girl is OK.

  2. Love that you were able to stop and see the blessings. Love your girl. Love you.


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