Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lighting: The Thomas O'Brien Goodman Hanging Light

....... thought I'd share with you my latest lighting inspiration; compliments of none other than my favorite Thomas O'Brien ofcourse.

It comes in a variety of finishes but the brass is definitely my favorite..... the combination of these fixtures with that floor, the beautiful tile backsplash, cross-hatched cabinetry...... amazing.  (switch out the bar stools for some with a brass nailhead trim and in my mind.... perfect!)

lovely on its own too

the image that had me swooning..... I can't get enough of black trim windows and doors.... combined with brass ofcourse!

I prefer a pair to 3 or four; but a nice effect nonetheless; I know some folks who would love that TV! :)

I could definitely be sold on the white with the brass interior; such a warm yet modern look

or for a more contemporary country (is that even possible?, but that's what it reminds me of); the antique nickel finish

Lighting bliss!

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  1. Those rooms are gorgeous! There's definitely something about having a pleasant living space that makes life so much more awesome.


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