Friday, October 21, 2011

Interiors: The Hicks Pendant

This is what garners the most attention when someone comes to my house for the first time:

the Thomas O'Brien Hicks pendant from Circa Lighting.  

Until we embarked on a whole house renovation, I honestly didn't give much thought to overhead lighting because, frankly, I didn't like it.  I prefer the softer  ambience and more flattering light that lamps provide (provided they have an incandescent bulb) and I don't remember seeing a lot of fixtures that really "wowed" me.  However, my builder insisted I pick out at least SOME fixtures and promised to put dimmer switches EVERYWHERE.  So I poured through catalogs, design books, blogs until I happened upon this image and as they say:

...."the rest is history".  I fell in love with these fixtures because they fit what I was looking for perfectly.... an "acquired" look: something that looks like it could have been inherited; purchased from an antique shop; or better yet, original to the house..... this is how they turned out in my home... 

..... as well as a few others

I really like the versatility of this light too and can imagine moving them to my powder room and foyer in a few years.  In the meantime, I enjoy the fact that they are conversation starters and a welcome accent in my kitchen.  They've really changed my image of overhead lighting.  
More on that to come.

Happy Friday!

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