Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fashion: Zara Online

Why didn't somebody tell me?!?!  I happened to go to their site to check out the Fall offerings in anticipation of a quick trip my husband and I have planned to NYC in a couple of weeks and MUCH to my surprise they are e:commerce now!  Yippee!!!  Apparently, I had to Google it to see exactly how far behind I am  they started selling online in the U.S. on September 7th.  This is big news because I think this Spanish company is the perfect "go-to" place for stylish, reasonably priced pieces (most $79 or under) that you're not necessarily going to wear over and over again (think holiday gatherings, weddings, class reunion...).... but, until NOW, you could only shop their stores in big cities.  Here a a few pieces I've already fallen for:

Blouse with puff sleeves

Yes, I do realize how predictable I am in my choices..... but I'm all about finding your "signature" style right? You can check their site out here and make your own picks. :)

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