Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Food: Trader Joe's

...... speaking of Trader Joe's..... I LOVE it there!  ..... and No, I don't want to marry it (I have that old kid's taunt stuck in my head) BUT if I could buy stock in the company, I would.... (alas I've looked and it's not publicly traded).  If you've been shopping there; you know what I mean and if you have one close by and haven't tried it out.... I strongly encourage it.  Think.......fresh, friendly, fast (although I could spend a long time there), surprisingly affordable, and dare I say.... fun.

This year I'd like to expand on my "like" of cooking as well as continue on that lifelong resolution to eat healthier by relying on Trader Joe's for help.  Just before Christmas, I stumbled upon these cookbooks at my local Barnes & Noble.  Although, not officially "endorsed" by Trader Joe's (i.e. you can't buy them there)..... they are full of delicious looking recipes, full color photos, wine recommendations and yes, nutritional information.  The authors (2 moms from California) also have a website featuring vegan, gluten free and low fat recipes here.

Not surprisingly, Trader Joe's has their own website as well featuring recipes I'd love to try too.  My goal is to try one new recipe a week..... I'll keep you posted on any real winners with the family.

Bon apetit!

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