Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Feeling Blue....

...... not in your usual January doldrums way...... but in a way that speaks of clear blue skies, cool breezes, and majestic ocean waters.  We've been blessed in my neck of the woods with an unusual number of brilliant blue sky days lately in what is normally a gray dreary backdrop to the Winter.  It's has brightened my spirits and put a spring in my step that I sometimes have a hard time mustering this time of year.

I love all shades of this magnificent color.  And while this color combination makes me feel warm and cozy; rich, saturated blues always illicit in me a sense of a universally shared goodness found in nature, positivity, cleanliness, possibility..... and a tad bit of wanderlust.

So while Pantone's color of the year may be tangerine;  I'm declaring mine Swedish Blue 18-4330.

See if these images don't make you start "feeling blue" too! :)

Meg Braff designs

 most of the image sources can be found on my pinterest; however some are old files that I've had saved on my computer.  Please let me know if you have the source of any of these and I will update accordingly.  Thank you!

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