Thursday, December 01, 2011

Good Tidings

...... of comfort and joy...... isn't that they way it goes?  If only that were the case when trying to select the perfect Christmas card each year!

Receiving Christmas cards is one of my favorite holiday traditions but, honestly, sending them has been a chore some years.  In fact, my husband says his worst holiday memories involve posing for the Christmas photo; trying to appear joyful while being yelled at to "SMILE!".....

But, what is one to do?  Well, for one; based on my husband's feedback, a few years ago I decided to forego the official "Christmas" photo while our children are young and just choose one from another time throughout the year. Just that one decision alone has made my holiday season so much better..... no more hunting to find the perfect matching holiday outfits, less money spent, less complaining..... I just select the photo/photos; peruse the 147 Shutterfly options for "Holiday flat cards with 3 photos"; and click; I'm done!

....... until this year when I started seeing ads for Tiny PrintsHello LuckyMintedPaper CulturePear Tree GreetingsCard Store; throw in a few hundred folks from my fave Etsy.  My comfort and joy turned into panic and misery.  Not to mention, all of the incredibly lovely "styled" photos that are becoming the rage.

There really are THOUSANDS of fabulous options out there this year if you have the inspiration and wherewithal to make them happen.  Back when life was a little simpler (a la one kid vs. three); I loved nothing better than to spend hours dreaming and planning for the perfect card and I'm sure that time will come again when my girls are old enough to be "game" for a cleverly arranged photo.  But this year I've decided to stick with what has been working and dedicate no more than a couple of hours on the entire process.  In fact, I've already got them stamped and ready to mail...... and THAT makes me "merry and bright" this year. :)

What's your Christmas card attitude?  "Joy to the World" or "Bah Humbug"

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  1. You are on the ball! I agree, so many great designs to choose from. Since we just had the pictures taken on Sunday, looks like I will be a bit rushed to get them out by Christmas. Next year, I'm planning ahead. Can't wait to see your card.


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