Friday, December 02, 2011

Memoirs: Vintage Ceramic Christmas Trees

Maybe this happens to everyone, but the older I get, the more nostalgic I feel toward certain childhood memories....... doughnuts every Saturday morning, the banana seat on my first bicycle, playing Chinese jumprope with my friends, and this time of year as I decorate my home for Christmas.... my mom's ceramic Christmas tree.  You know the one.......with the tiny light bulb that, when lit, creates magic thru the little plastic lights poked in all of the holes......

Chances are if you were born anywhere near the 70s; you had one in your house too as going to "ceramics" (as my mom used to call it) was quite in vogue among young housewives.  And, while not all of her creations; the frog bank and the cookie jar set with mushrooms; hold such a fond place in my heart.... this sparkly little tree has stood the test of time...... reminding me of something special that happened only at Christmas.

A few years back, I inquired about this tree to my mom hoping to get my hands on it and much to my dismay found that it had long been sold, discarded or broken..... so a dear friend did some research and after a failed attempt at buying me one off ebay (she couldn't bring herself to give me something with "Love Aunt Sue 1975" scrawled on the bottom; so she kept it for herself!..... we still laugh) took me to "ceramics" one day at a modern day studio and we made a new one together (granted, with a little makeover to suit today's decor :)).

This is one of my most treasured Christmas decorations now.  I'm not sure how my girls feel about it; they certainly aren't of an age to be getting melancholy over anything other than the ornament they made at school last year.  But, perhaps one day it will find its way into one of their homes.  And, if so, I hope it will help them reminisce about happy holidays in their childhoods in the same way that the memory of my mother's does for me.


Whew! I'm sorry if that was too sappy for you!  Did I mention that I turned 40 last week?!?  I think it's messing with me!  If you could care less about nostalgia and just like a little vintage in your holiday decorating; you can find lots of these trees available here and  here.  Or host a throwback to the 70's party with your friends (complete with wine and some pigs in a blanket or cocktail nuts, ofcourse)  at your local ceramics studio and make one of your own! :)

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  1. Did you know my sister claimed my grandma's long ago? It sat in my mom's basement waiting to head west until a few years back. I guess my great big sis realized it would never make it to her, so she said I could have it! I display it proudly every year. It's one of my favorites along with my dad's childhood nativity set (also ceramic). And let's not forget our other good friend who garbage picked her ceramic tree...


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