Friday, February 13, 2015


House of Marlowe

Each afternoon as I walk thru the vineyards I spy them….. some days one or two; other days 15 pairs of couples both young and old walking hand in hand or arm in arm.  It's the elderly ones that warm my heart the most…. the sweetness, the commitment, the enjoying each other's company….  I'm left wondering if the choosing to walk together holding hands helps to create the closeness or if a closeness precipitates wanting to stroll hand in hand…. also, have they been doing this for years, or has the quietness of life bared a new tender fruit of affection?…. 

….whatever the case; I want that…. both today 20 years into my marriage and 50 years from now; when all worldly things have faded and we're left with each other and the story we've created together… I want to be seen walking down the path together…. holding hands...

Cheers to love this Valentine's Day...


  1. We will come back as we celebrate 50 years of marriage with a stroll together through the vineyards, of course hand in hand.

  2. I have seen this beauty over the past few months as I have watched my dad care for my mom. What a beautiful sight to see the unconditional love of a couple after almost 49 years of marriage.


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