Tuesday, June 03, 2014


It's been fun seeing friends' Instagram photos from the opening of pools all over the U.S. last week.  Approximately 98% of my summer childhood memories involve the local Swim Club and long days spent playing in the water with friends, chlorine bleached hair, French Chews from the snack bar and super-dark suntans. 

We still have a few more weeks before we'll be able to dip our toes in that very same pool... but I'm already gearing up (literally and figuratively) for my girls to create those same great memories either splashing in the water or hanging out poolside ... (fully covered in 50+SPF of course!)

sweet summertime...


  1. Looking forward to seeing you this summer. Wish I could get my girl to still wear cute little cover ups like that!

  2. Bring on the pool and the French Chew! Nothing says summer like a good sticky French Chew by the pool! Can't wait to hang out with you in a few weeks.


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