Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Fashion: Summer Staples

I was thrilled to be able to sport bare legs and flip flops for the first time this year over the weekend.  It feels so good to put away all of the heavy sweaters, riding boots and scarves in favor of simple warm weather dressing.  Not surprisingly, I tend toward the tried and true classics when it comes to summer staples...

....two things especially catching my attention this year are beautiful embroideries and the color of water... a soothing yet bright Mediterranean blue.

Dreaming of the ocean and sinking my toes in the sand...


  1. Love that white dress. I have it in blue/white. So comfy. Can't wait to see you this summer.

  2. Debbie PorterMay 24, 2014

    I came so close to buying this dress at Gap recently, but may opt for the white jean shorts instead. I love what Gap has out for summer. So fresh and clean looking!


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