Wednesday, May 07, 2014

All American...

Last week was a crash course in American History as Ashtyn and I had the opportunity to spend the week in the U.S. joining her Great Aunt & Uncle in Williamsburg, VA for a few days and then meeting up with her former Kentucky classmates for their 8th grade DC trip.  It was the perfect American "fix":  forefathers, family, friends, food.... and no speaking French :)  

If you've been a follower of this blog or my Instagram feed for any length of time; you won't find it hard to believe that I fell instantly in love with Williamsburg.  The colonial architecture (symmetry!); perfectly planned gardens (those hedges and benches!) and attention to detail in re-creating the late 18th century culture were truly amazing.  It was like stepping into an American History book; chapter title:  The American Revolution.

The Governor's mansion

Jamestown Island

And DC, well, goes without saying; a great city full of monuments, museums and reminders past and present of the principles and values the country was founded on.... and which I am so proud to call my true home.

Tomb of the unknown soldier - Arlington Cemetery

A piece of the Berlin Wall

 Mount Vernon

 The Jefferson Memorial

God Bless America!


  1. Something to add to my resume... photo creds on House of Marlowe.

    And after you left... we ran into the police horse patrol at the Lincoln Memorial. Trish rushed us over for a photo op. The police officer shared with us how much they love Trish because she volunteers with with the horses- training and taking care of them! Of COURSE she does!!!!

  2. Great photos - What fun!


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