Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Postcards from St. Moritz....

The ride on the Glacier Express and our time in St. Moritz was just as I imagined it would be.... like stepping into a bygone era... an old black and white movie complete with glamorous people (clad in fur head to toe....); perfect backdrops (really, the scenery is almost painfully beautiful...); impeccably choreographed numbers (incredible attention to detail)....and Frank Sinatra playing in the background (they literally did have it broadcast over the speakers while we were ice skating).... warmly welcoming us 'normal folk' to come join in.  It was all a bit surreal....

Views from the Glacier Express...

If you ever get the chance to ride in a bobsled.... do it!

We stumbled upon these benches about 1/2 mile up on a snowy hike.... handsomely clad in vintage Swiss Army blankets... (not a soul around)..... these little surprises and creature comforts epitomized St. Moritz

Striped snow cabanas with more Swiss Army blankets.... (you know I loved these)....

..... awe inspiring and wonderful.  This is a place that stays with you.


  1. I can feel the resortness from just the pics! Such a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing and I'm so jealous you got to ride a bob sled! How cool!!

  2. Dreamy perfection!

  3. Crissy, these pictures look like postcards. Just beautiful and it looks like so much fun.


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