Wednesday, March 05, 2014

A few of my favorite things....

Fruit Tarts...  I have an excruciatingly hard time resisting the beautiful and delicious fruit tarts that seem to scream out my name at the patisseries here (the one above came home with me yesterday).  I'd love to perfect a recipe of my own (maybe this one) for when we move back to the States.
Ficus...  The other thing that came home with me yesterday.... only 14 CHF at Ikea (about $15)...  my low risk source for my green thumb wannabe experiments.
Lamp... I spotted this beauty back at this wonderful shop in Cincinnati last November.... I haven't stopped thinking about a pair of them in my foyer since.  If I could make my way to a Target right now; I'd be snatching up a couple of these too.
Caftan.... Daydreaming about wearing this in a hot tropical locale (or heck, by the baby pool) later this year... 


  1. I'll meet ya (baby) pool side! I'll look for you in your new caftan, pool goddess! And... bring the tart... happy to sample your efforts!

  2. Love that caftan. And St. Moritz looked pretty amazing. Your bobsled outfit... tres chic!


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