Thursday, September 26, 2013

You Name it.....

.... my family likes to do that...... my husband and I rarely call each other by name; instead referring to one another as 'buddy';  all of the girls have 'love names'; our house here in Switzerland..... it's named Voila!; and our home in the States proudly boasts a plaque with the name 'Jolee Island' by the back door.  At least 75% of my jewelry is engraved with some date, saying or name.... What can I say?...  (I have a problem) I'm a sentimental gal, a lover of pretty fonts and special phrases and touches that make something ordinary suddenly feel special (at least that's how I justify why my brain sees a white cloth napkin or a plain cardigan and suddenly starts imagining monogram style and color) :)..... Here are a few things peaking my interest these days...

1/ Wardrobe staples with J.Crew's subtle (aka tiny) monograms
2/ These inexpensive bolster pillows I use on my dining chairs..... would be charming embroidered
     with words like "friend", "family", EAT or bon appetit!
3/ My daughter's boot socks... old school preppy
4/ Spotted this on One Kings Lane yesterday.... all I could think was how great it would be to
    embroider Grandpa's one-liner on a swatch of his old plaid shirt or a phrase from my
    daughter's favorite lullaby onto a piece of her baby bedding.....

.... trouble, I tell you.    

Have a great weekend everyone!

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