Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Easy Breezy...

.... so, I guess it is pretty obvious that I haven't been dedicating a lot of brain space to home design recently (which is good, because I need all I can get for the French language)....  However,  I do still happen upon pics which cause me to dream about what I'd like to do to our home when we return to the States.

We, visually oriented folks, always seem to have a list of things that we can't resist.... for me, it's white houses, garden gates, boxwoods with hydrangeas, weather vanes, gravel driveways (the list goes on and on)..... and breezeways....

Open and airy or light-filled and enclosed; au naturale; combined with a beautifully manicured garden or simple and modern....


it's all "bonheur pour les yeux" in my book...

.... sigh.


  1. Love it! Let's starting putting together what we want to do and prioritize.

  2. Love these images. Drove by your house on Sunday and just love everything about it! Went antique shopping with Lisa and Kori on Saturday and the only thing I bought was an old horse weather vane.


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