Monday, September 02, 2013

Louis, Louis....

...... oh, oh....yes, you may have been a megalomaniac odd-bird of sorts; but how I do love your ways in the garden. What a spectacular display of precision, symmetry, creativity and materials on a grand scale.  You can keep your palace.... as I will be perfectly content to stroll among hedges; listen to the tinkling of the fountains; and picnic in your lawn.

 Shells from Madagascar

 Wanna take the stairs anyone?

 The orangerie

 The infamous Hall of Mirrors

A few hours spent admiring the grandeur and in awe of the stories of this site (8 - 10k people worked here...) and there is little questioning why the French Revolution took place.  Makes me want to rent this movie....

... perhaps the original "Housewives".... of reality TV. :)

Happy Labor Day to all of my friends in the States!


  1. Wow! Fabulous. I love the picture of the tree-lined lawn, with folks lounging around those huge trunks! Something you would never see here in the states. Looks like you had a great day! To celebrate Labor Day, perhaps I'll head down to the new "pavilion" for a family pic. I'll try to get the stripped hillside and new fast food chains in the background.

  2. Loved these photos especially the one of you, Marlowe and Ashtyn beneath the tall, tall trees! Oh, and the answer to taking the stairs - a flat!


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