Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Heading "home"....

.... in less than four short weeks.  We haven't set foot on American soil in nearly 11 months now and we are bursting at the seams to catch up with family, neighbors and friends as we "camp out" in our house in the States for a few weeks.  It gives me a chuckle to be reminded of a friend that lived abroad saying that she used to dream of shopping at Target for days before she went home.  I have to admit; a couple of leisurely hours spent in Target with a Starbucks in hand sounds pretty good to me about now too. :)  Here are a few other things I'm looking forward to...

the familiar scent of my home upon entering the back door;
Mexican food;
parking spaces large enough for someone bigger than a size 2 to exit the driver side;
fried chicken;
sinking my feet in the most beautiful sand on earth in the Gulf coast;
price tags that don't make me hyper-ventilate;
Graeter's ice cream;
the English language;
ice and free refills;
country music;
good, old fashioned American hospitality (and, obviously, food) :)...

What would you miss most if you moved abroad?


  1. How about some Skyline? Or maybe an ice ball from the Sweet Tooth? Can't wait to see you all and give you a big hug. Safe travels to all of you.

  2. second the hushpuppies....and maybe a fried seafood platter. Safe travels

  3. I'm with you on all these. I think I miss wide streets and real parking spaces. And peanut butter too! =)

  4. Your list looks very similar to my friend's who was displaced to Perth! :)

  5. We are so spoiled here with our space. I grew up in a tiny home with 11 people and now I have a walk in closet as big as a bedroom! But you know what, I really love it. It makes finding stuff so easy. Enjoy your trip home.

  6. Oh how exciting Chrissy! You will have a wonderful time. It is interesting the first time back - find yourself not sure of exactly where you "belong". Enjoy some Chick fil A!!! xo Laurie

  7. Woo hoo!!!! Can not wait!

    And... would have to be Skyline and the Grande for this family!

  8. You forgot Friends and Family!!! Ha!

  9. Oops! Just re read your post...you did include us! I must have been mesmerized by your list and didn't catch that. One thing to add...nail salons in which you do not need an appointment for and that don't break the bank!

    1. Yes, ofcourse, I will take my friends and family above all food groups! :)


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