Friday, April 12, 2013

Postcards from...

And last, but certainly not least..... what would a trip to Holland in Springtime be without a visit to see the tulips?  While Old Man Winter's fury seems to have been transatlantic... postponing the normal blooming time; we were still able to see some sprightly crocus and spectacular greenhouse blooms at Keukenhof..... truly beautifully done and awe- inspiring.  Of the 1700 varieties of tulips;  80 percent come from Holland.... nearly 9 billion bulbs exported each year.  Amazing!    Another pretty amazing thing in my book... the quintessential Dutch icon.... the windmill. :)

Thanks for sharing my photo journey this week.  Happy weekend everyone!


  1. I could manage winter with blooms like that. Gorgeous. Love the shells and of course the big ole wooden clogs, so cute

  2. I just happened onto your blog a couple days ago and am so happy I found you!! Your blog is delightful and you are living in & visiting my most favorite countries in the world. I've read through a ton of your past posts and love all your pics, musings & them all :) I totally feel like we have the same taste in SO many things, ha which leads me to ask you a couple questions: I the red velvet Zara flats...when did you get them? And did you get them online or in-person? Also, would you mind sharing some of the apps you have on your iphone? I trust your taste and would love to know any of your fun finds. Thank you so much Crissy. Can't wait to follow along on your lovely adventure!!

    1. Linda, thanks for stopping by House of Marlowe and for your kind words. I got the Zara flats in December at a Zara in Geneva..... pretty much my main shopping source since we moved to Europe and I don't have access to a J.Crew store. :) I have shopped Zara online as well and have had good results. As far as apps go; I'm not one to have many. My favorite app hands down is Instagram. I love taking photos on my iphone and using Instagram to edit/enhance them and e:mail them to family members. I'd love to learn of any apps you love as well. Wishing you a wonderful weekend and hoping to "see" you here again!

    2. Oh shoot! But, lucky you -- Zara in Geneva. I've looked online and they're not there. Maybe they'll be back in the fall. And...unfortunately I've not made the jump from my blackberry to the iphone. All my kids and husband made the jump long ago, and I don't know why I'm still hanging back. Anyway, I've just started asking around to see what apps (other than games) people are loving! I'm pathetically electronically challenged ;) Have a wonderful Sunday in Holland!!

  3. Beautiful and inspiring! I think tulips might just be one of my favorites!

  4. On my bucket list to visit Holland when the tulips are blooming! :)


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