Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pardon My French...

posts about those French customs that either delight or dismay me....

Delight.... the cafe au lait bowl.  A friend of mine introduced me to the darling le pain quotidien a couple of weeks ago where much to my confusion my cappuccino and her coffee were served in a hearty sized bowl with nary a handle in sight.  After my initial glancing around (to ensure they hadn't just run out of coffee mugs) :) and  fumbling about deciding how exactly you were supposed to hold it to drink; I found that cupping the warm bowl with my hands and sipping was actually quite enjoyable..... not unlike that pleasurable sensation of drinking the milk remains from a bowl of cereal or trying the capture the last bit of soup (only at home, ofcourse). 

I happily stopped in again for a quick bite yesterday and found myself looking forward to the waitress serving that bowl..... and, yep.... it was even more delightful the second time around.  Now it appears I'm hooked on this old school French tradition.  I've already found myself looking around for bowls to start my collection.

martha stewart

Needless to say, my kids are absolutely thrilled.... a round of hot cocoa in bowls si vous plait!


  1. Why ration a cafe serving to a cup, when you can have a bowl! Love this custom.

  2. Ok, I've seen others do it, but have always been a self conscious about trying myself. Maybe I'll try now too. =)

  3. A bowl? What a great idea. We have several le pain quotidiens close to us around dc but i've only stopped in for coffee. I might make hubs treat me for good friday bfast.

  4. Wow, a rainbow organized bowl collection - only Martha! I, too, fell in love with the cafe au lait bowl way back in college ... never thought about recreating it at home, but why not. Love it! Thanks for sharing, liz

  5. yum, they also come in handy for storing jewels, office supplies and ice cream!
    One year I made potpourri and bought bowls like that, wrapped them up with clear wrap, tied with pretty ribbon and a sprig of holly. People still tell me how much they loved that.
    It is after all the little things that bring us so much joy~


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