Tuesday, March 26, 2013

In (Joy)

By far, the best 20 minutes of my day these days are those spent with my 7 year old; listening to her read from "James and the Giant Peach" each afternoon.   She has fallen in love with the magic created by Roald Dahl and we've resolved to go on his adventures together by reading each of his books aloud....

..... it seems even places as ordinary as my own sofa.


  1. I cannot think of a better 20 minutes to spend.

  2. One of my absolute favorite grade school memories... our second grade teacher reading James and the Giant Peach to us. Why haven't I read this to my kiddos? Thanks for the reminder!

  3. now I want to have an Easter hat parade too! What a great idea. And maybe read a little to the girls.....need to get this book for them

    1. Yes, the Easter hat parade was a great treat.... apparently a Swiss/French tradition. Thought you would appreciate Holden's class' hat..... a depiction of the layers of soil with the flowers growing on top.... what they've been studying in Science. :)


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