Friday, February 08, 2013

Table (or blanket) for two.....

My guy would probably say I've been watching too many episodes of "The Bachelor" again, but while we are on the subject of eating and with the official "day of love" right around the corner next week; this is my idea of a perfect gift...... 

.... add a baguette, bottle of wine, some cheese and chocolate.... and it is quite romantic indeed
 (aspirational thinking - what bloggers are really good at) 
plus get a sitter.... find the perfect day with the perfect temp and the perfect setting.... plus no pesky bugs
(keeping it real - not always so great at that)
Could be fun in the backyard or inside with the kids running around and with PB&J sandwiches too, right? :)

Have a great weekend!


  1. This (and the bits of sun breaking through the clouds) are making me long for spring! The devotional you featured below is wonderful. Thank you for sharing. =)

  2. Great basket - love this idea.

  3. CWonder has so many cute gift ideas! I love the basket!!

  4. And then just go to a park with an ice castle made especially for 2! Those dates look awesome huh? But I am still happy with tacos, a movie and yogurt.

  5. I have been wishing for a picnic basket since we got engaged. Almost 9 years later and still no basket. This one is great! Hope you have a great valentine's day with your husband and girls! I have no clue what to get my husband!

  6. haaaa, the visual of The Bachelor!!! So funny. Great idea for Valentine's Day....even if only a quiet picnic inside


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