Monday, December 03, 2012

The View from Here....

A Photo a Day..... Week 48

"Bird on wood" clay sculpture..... a masterpiece in my eyes... by Marlowe;
Celebrating my 41st year.... I can honestly say life is getting better every year... even if it is a little more wrinkly :);
a universal goodness..... children performing at church during the holidays;
Marlowe's unprompted contribution to our tree.... her Fisher Price nativity;
A new tradition... the Advent wreath... we'll light a new candle each Sunday and eat by candlelight each night until Christmas;
Let the holiday fun begin...  festive face painting;
I attended my first "open house" this week (think Pampered Chef party in the States).... featuring wonderful items made from vintage Swiss army blankets by this company... this pillow (for me) and keychain (for my guy) came home

Well.... it's official.... 22 days and counting until Christmas!  Unfortunately, the predominant smell in my house this past week wasn't that of evergreen, but rather Vicks Vaporub as coughs and congestion seem to be making their way thru the girls.  All is well with the world though because Memaw (my mom) arrives tomorrow!

Have a great day everyone!


  1. ahhh, candles and mentholatum. Hope all are well soon. A very Happy Birthday to you. You are having a great 41st year so far. Safe travels to Memaw

  2. Happy Birthday, sweet Crissy (from another Sag)! Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

  3. Yeah for your mom coming, moms are the best, I hope everyone feels better soon. And Happy Birthday, I am right behind you.

  4. Happy belated bday-love monogram on your cake!
    Hope they feel better soon and yay for mom's visiting.

  5. dang. those blue eyes are stunning! love your advent idea!


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